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Thank you, inspection and quarantine bureau leadership help and support.
( 2017-05-02 13:31:35   摘自: 浙江鼎益生物科技有限公司 )

Inspection and quarantine departments to help "mealworms" export recor

   Yellow powder insect commonly known as the "bread", rich in protein, known as the "treasure-house of protein feed", at the same time also has a very high value in biodegradable, can be swallowed and fully biodegradable plastics, for dealing with "white pollution" has provided the new materials.

  "Companies today, cannot leave the zeal of inspection and quarantine departments service." Zhuhai's largest yellow powder insect export enterprise, zhejiang ding yi biotechnology co., LTD. General manager huang, in recent years, launched a series of inspection and quarantine department and enterprise measures, especially the whims of "zero" services, saving a lot cost for the company. In addition, in the daily supervision departments at the same time, also can provide the company with information about the international trade barriers, and to be able to deal with in time, avoid risk.

  , to improve the quality of export yellow powder insect, help enterprises to expand the market, actively explore jiangshan office inspection services, convenient enterprises move more export enterprises to reduce costs, make enterprise for ciq "up to run a". At the same time, to do a good job of supervision, yellow powder insect do regular checks on exports, to urge enterprises to monitor production all the way, to ensure the production process in a safe, effective and controllable state. In addition, to help related enterprises to actively in accordance with the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine "mode reform of agricultural products", earnestly product risk analysis, strictly control the sources of raw materials, science to carry out the automatic control product testing.



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