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  Zhejiang Dingyi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is located at Hecun Town, Jiangshan City , Zhejiang Province with a beautiful environment and convenient transportation.
  Zhejiang Dingyi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a provincial and modern biotechnology company, to insect breeding , sales, technology promotion and biological research as the core businesses. Plant a covers an area of ​​over 5200 square meters , with effect from mid-January 2014, plant two covers an area of 67000 square meters ( basically set officially use at the end of 2016 ) , the plant area equipped with separate breeding areas, production areas , product display area, technical training center, cultivation center species of insects , and biological research center.
  Taking into account the overall development and long-term plan, Zhejiang Dingyi biological Co., Ltd. not only export huge quantity of the dry mealworms to Europe, United States and Asia countries ; while also actively preparing for tasks of deep processing research. And the company has been reached a verbal intent with Chinese Dr. entomology of USA, plan to set up the Institute of Science in Boston at first half of 2015 (specifically for deep processing research ) and marketing team.
  Zhejiang Dingyi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. with the most honest and the most enthusiastic welcome the farmers from countrywide to visit Dingyi and negotiate business, to establish a long-term and strategic partnership.

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